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JM Series of Colloid Mill


JM Series of Colloid Mill

Product Description

JM Series of colloid mill is composed of stainless steel model 85, semi-stainless steel and colloid mill model 130. The series of colloid mill is the equipment for processing and grinding liquid materials and semi-liquid materials.
Main Technical Parameters:

Model Model JM—130 Model JM—85
Fineness of processing materials   um 2-70 2-70
Electrical motor power       KW 7.5 5.5
Output (artesian)    t/h 0.2-4 0.2-2
No-load rotary speed       r/min 3000±100 3000±100
Contour dimensions       cm 127×38.5×102.5 1.5×30×84
Weight           kg 420 300


Equipped with cooling system Equipped with cooling system
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