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Vertebral-shaped mixer DSH series

Product Description

Cantilevered double helical cone-shaped mixing machine is the new-style & high-efficient mixing equipment with the advantages of Japan cantilevered uninspired and domestic SLH double helical cone-shaped mixing machine. The machine is widely used in the mixture of solid-solid (power and power) and solid-liquid (power added on liquid) in many trades such as chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, dye, metallurgy, mine, food, no sodium glutamate, forage and so on.
The machine has good adaptability for mixture, no superheat phenomenon for thermal sensitivity materials, no squeeze and grind for grain materials and no delamination  & isolation phenomenon for the mixture of great disparity specific materials and different granularity materials. It is also suitable for the mixture of various grain (coarse grain, fine grain and superfine grain etc.), fibre and splinter shaped materials.

Main Technical Parameter:


DSH-0.3cp DSH-0.5cp DSH-1cp DSH-1.5cp DSH-2cp DSH-3cp DSH-4cp DSH-6cp DSH-8cp DSH-10cp DSH-12cp
Total volume(m3) 0.3 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 4 6 8 10 12
Load factor 0.6
Output(t/h) 0.3-1 0.5-1.5 2-2.5 2-4 2.5-5 3.5-8 5-10 7.5-15 10-12 12-25 15-30
Total power(kw) 2.75 3.55 4.55 4.75 6.05 8.05 12.5 16.5 17.2 20 21.7
Material granularity(mesh) 20-450
Relative divergence of mixing homogenization degree %10 min <1.5
Revolution 2
Rotation 143 57 70
Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
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