Ferment Vessel, Seed Vessel

Various chemical machinery such as reaction kettles, kneading machines, mixers, dispersers, grinders, emulsifiers, real stone paint equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Details

The fermentation equipments are widely used as reaction machines during the procession of microorganism growth. It also can be used for medicine, monosodium glutamate and food industry.


Main Technical Parameter of Ferment Vessel: Main Technical Parameter of Seeds Vessel:
Nominal Volume M3: 10-200
Canister Diameter Dg (mm): 1800-4600 
Canister Height H (mm): 3800-Changeable Area M2:   14-220 
Stirring Power KW:   17-360 
Main Axes Rounds r/min: 260-140 
Nominal Volume M3: 0.05-5.0
Canister Diameter Dg (mm): 300-1400
Canister Height H (mm): 700-3200
Cover Diameter Dg (mm): 400-1500
Stirring Power KW:0.55-18.5
Main Axes Rounds r/min:350-180

Keywords: Ferment Vessel, Seed Vessel