LD1100 Ground Blow Molding Machine Unit

Various chemical machinery such as reaction kettles, kneading machines, mixers, dispersers, grinders, emulsifiers, real stone paint equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Details

This product is suitable for producing LDPE plastic ground film and agricultural film. Equipping with relative screw, frame head, vane and supplementary fittings, it can produce HDPE and LLDPE micro plastic film.
Technical Parameter:
Main Machine Type: SJ-65
Length/Diameter Ratio of Screw:28:1
Rotated Speed of Screw (rpm): 14.5-145
Max. Extrusion: 140kg/h (LDPE)
Main Frame Power (KW): 4-40
Product Thickness (mm): 0.015-0.05
Folded Diameter Range of Film (mm): 700-1500
Vane Diameter (mm): ф500
Hauling Carriage Height (mm): 6200
External Dimension (L×W×D): 6000×3300×6300

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