Plastic Recycling Pelletizer

Various chemical machinery such as reaction kettles, kneading machines, mixers, dispersers, grinders, emulsifiers, real stone paint equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Details

This product is suitable for producing thermal plastic recycling grain such as waste PP, PE, PS and ABS. It has many good characteristics that it can pelletize directly after crushing and cleaning without drying. The product has little color change.
PelletizingMainframe Type:SJK-150
Length/Diameter Ratio:18:1
Driving Power:37KW
Mainframe Heating Power:26KW
Frame Head Heating Power:6KW
Frame Head Power:3KW
Gross Weight:3200KG
External Dimension:3100×1100×1700mm

Keywords: Plastic Recycling Pelletizer