SP900 series crusher

Various chemical machinery such as reaction kettles, kneading machines, mixers, dispersers, grinders, emulsifiers, real stone paint equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Details

SP-900 Type Plastic Crusher
This machine is suitable for crushing materials such as large plastic scraps, shell of plastic vehicle, food tanks, agriculture use film, fiber, PP cloth, cola bottle and mineral water bottle and so forth.
Steady Turning Diameter: 544mm
Rotary Cutter Quantity: 9 sets
Fixed Knife Quantity:6 sets
Cutter Length: 300mm
Driving Power: 45KW
Sieve Diameter: 10-50mm
Gross Weight: 4200KG
Throughput: 2000-3000KG
External Dimension: 1850×1850×2200m

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