Xunfang Brand Feed Yeast Introduction

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Product Details

一、 Brief introduction
The feed yeast Y-11 is the high-scientific product of Biology Institute of Shandong Academy of Science, it has ever won The national invention , first prize of scientific progress in Shandong province, The golden prize of national high new technique, The prize of national food industrial scientific progress and so on, it has also been applied for the national patent and was rated as the national new product, this item is the national major popularizing item of the eight five-year-plan.
The production is SCP produced with cornstarch dregs or brewer''s grain used as the raw material through the technology of simultaneous scarification and fermentation. The protein content is 50-60%, it is beneficial to animal''s absorb, the ratio of digestion is more than 90%, the composition and content of amino acid are equal to the Peru''s fish meal, the content of vitamin is high superior to the latter and there are a few hormones and chorines in it, so it can promote animal''s growth and breeding, improve the survival rate, eggs yield and growing rate, therefore, it is a high quality source of food protein, even though its selling price is much lower than that of Peru''s fish meal.
Using food yeast Y-11 instead of same quantity of fish meal is a major way to reduce cost and improve benefit for food processing and breeding trades.
This product has been used widely in the breeding of poultry, domestic animal and aquatic product, sold to more than 10 provinces and exported to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Australia and other countries.

二、The analyses result of Y-11


component       Crude protein(%) Water(%) Fat(%) Crude fiber(%) ash(%) Non-nitrogenous extract(%) Total energy
(mega calorie/kilogram)
Starch enzyme
Protein enzyme


55.70 9.25 2.40 0.80 11.6 22.90 4.595 11 171.1
component       VB1 VB2 BB6 VC VA VE VK Nicotinic Choline


50.0 20.1 25.0 1000 3.0 2500 80 1000 4200
* the content of vitamin: mg/kg

三、Quality standard of product
1、 Exterior: meal or granular shape, no abnormal taste no mildew and rot, the color is yellow or light brown.
2、Physical and chemical standard


crude protein(%) water(%) ash(%)
Y-11 50-55 ≤10 ≤12

四、Using method (for reference)
1、Add some nunmber of Y-11 into the basic food instead of equal amount of Peru''s fishmeal, the other compositions are added as usual.
2、 Reference of use amount


meat chicken(%) hen(%) fish(%) prawn(%) pig(%)
2-4 2-4 10-20 15-20 2-4
Y-11 fodder yeast is a hi-technological product produced and developed by Sanwei Company. Our products has got many encouragement and honors such as National Invention Award, Shandong Torch Hi-Technological Golden Prize, Science Progress Award in National Fodder Industry, and National-level New product, which are listed in the key products in Ninth Plan to expand. Our products are sold far to Japan, Malaysia, Indonasia, Philippine, as well as many provinces and cities of China. The product uses tailings of corn starch, and wastes of beer making as materials to produce microbic protein by adopting sugar fermentation technique. The product contains protein as much as 50-60%.
   It is easy to digest for animals with digestion rate reaching over 90%. The composition and content of amino is almost equal to that of imported fish power. The content of fiber in it is by far higher than that of imported fish powder, so it noticeably promotes the growth and propagation of animals, improves the survival rate, egg-laying rate, and growth rate, which is recognized as source of fodder protein.

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