Integrated sewage treatment equipment in the purchase of skills

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, our living standards have gradually improved. However, the production of sewage has also increased, for all kinds of sewage. Want the most effective treatment of sewage, it is necessary to use the most appropriate sewage treatment methods. Common use of MBR membrane treatment, A/O treatment, integrated sewage treatment equipment is therefore brilliant in sewage treatment, popular.

Integrated sewage treatment equipment is commonly used as a "buried integrated sewage treatment equipment", in which "integration" refers to a simple equipment that solves complicated procedures, and all the equipment needed in the treatment process are combined and installed on one machine, so that no matter under any environment, only this equipment is needed to complete all operations and can be used for a long time. "Buried" means that the equipment can be buried underground. When buried underground, the upper part can be used for greening. The plant covers an area of less and the ground structures are less.

As for whether to choose buried, completely according to the actual situation to decide, buried integrated sewage treatment equipment can be installed on the ground, can also be semi-underground installation, can also be fully underground installation, only need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes can be used.

For the purchase of this kind of equipment, buyers often have a misunderstanding, that is, directly ask the manufacturer the amount of sewage, and do not ask other content. "How much is the sewage treatment equipment used to treat 10 tons of sewage per day?" This direct question may sometimes make people feel that you are unprofessional or do not have a deeper understanding of what the sewage treatment equipment does, so the probability of being pitted is very large. So what can be done to avoid this kind of problem?

Here is a summary of some integrated sewage treatment equipment procurement needs to know and pay attention to some of the content:

1. Basic requirements:

In the final solution of sewage treatment equipment must strictly abide by China's local environmental protection, safety and other regulations, and need to refer to the protection of the the People's Republic of China industry regulations. Meet the relevant requirements of the "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge" standard. At the same time, we must strictly implement various environmental standards.

2. Amount of sewage to be treated:

First of all, understand the amount of sewage you need to treat. This is what I said above. For integrated sewage treatment equipment with different amounts of sewage, the size of the equipment must be different, and the cost is also different, so the impact on the price must be very large.

3. Material:

The sewage treatment equipment is made of carbon steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, etc. Different materials and equipment costs are different, which naturally has a great impact on the price.

4. Emission standards required:

Different discharge standards, to choose the sewage treatment process is also different, and the cost is also different, the cost gap will be relatively large.

5. Sewage water quality:

To understand the clear treatment of sewage quality, the main removal of what components, this is the purchase of equipment must understand the work, related to the type of sewage treatment process, materials, etc., the impact is also very large.

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