What are the sewage treatment equipment?

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What is the sewage treatment equipment?

1. Air flotation machine

Air flotation machine is a kind of equipment used for water quality clarification, which can effectively remove the frivolous flocs that are difficult to deposit in sewage. It has the characteristics of small footprint, stable treatment effect, simple operation, less mud production, good water effect and low operating cost.

2. Filter press

Filter press is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment developed by introducing technology from Germany. The product is made of high-strength materials and high-quality filter belts. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high dehydration power, long service life, and contact operation.

The mature AO composite biological contact oxidation technology is selected, which has good removal of organic matter and denitrification function in water. The new filler is selected, which has the advantages of fast film hanging, long life, quick treatment effect, automatic operation of the system in the underground, small area, low noise, no peculiar smell and so on.

3. Sedimentation pool

Sedimentation pool is based on the theory of shallow pool deposition design of a combined deposition pool, can improve the deposition power of 50 ~ 60%, in the same area can improve the processing capacity of 3~5 times.

4. Filter

The mechanical filter is an important part of the purification system, which is used to remove mechanical impurities, replacement, microorganisms, organic matter and other impurities. Filter media are generally quartz sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, anthracite, etc., according to the water method can be divided into single flow filter and double flow filter.

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