How to make the biogas utilization system safe operation?

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During the operation of biogas utilization system, the most important problem is safety, because there are combustible gases and toxic gases in biogas. If strict operation and safety inspection are not carried out, explosion and poisoning accidents may occur. In the operation of sewage treatment plants, explosions and poisoning incidents have occurred more than once, and even casualties have occurred. These painful lessons make us dare not slack off for a moment in the operation process, the relevant provisions of the biogas utilization system must be strictly observed. The following aspects should be noted.

Regularly check the tightness of the biogas pipeline system and equipment. If leakage is found, the gas should be stopped quickly for repair. The pipeline or storage equipment that has been overhauled must be subjected to air tightness test when it is reused, and can only be used after it is qualified. There should be no buildings or stacking obstacles on the upper part of the biogas main road, and heavy trucks cannot be passed. Preventing biogas leakage is the fundamental measure for operation safety.

When the biogas storage equipment needs to be emptied due to failure, the stored biogas shall be emptied intermittently. It is strictly forbidden to discharge the stored biogas into the atmosphere at one time. The weather should be strictly selected when emptying. It is strictly forbidden to vent in the weather that may cause thunderstorm or lightning. In addition, when the gas is vented, there is no open flame or heat source (such as chimney) in the downwind.

All possible leakage points in the biogas system should be set up online alarm device, and regularly check its reliability to prevent false alarm or non-report.

All open flames are prohibited in the biogas system area. No smoking, no iron tool impact or electric welding operation. All electrical devices shall be of explosion-proof type, rubber floor shall be laid in the operation room, and people must wear insulating shoes when entering.

Fire fighting equipment shall be set up in the biogas system according to regulations, and the state of availability shall be guaranteed at any time. Gas masks shall be provided in the operation room. In general, protective fences should be set up around the biogas utilization system, and an access inspection system should be established. It is strictly prohibited to bring in lighters and other kindling items.

The plant in the biogas system area shall comply with the Grade A explosion-proof requirements stipulated by the state. For example, in order to prevent biogas leakage from catching fire or explosion, the skylight, doors and windows of the building shall be of open type, and the proportion of non-load-bearing wall to load-bearing wall shall comply with the explosion-proof requirements. Otherwise, it should be modified.

Where there is a biogas utilization system, more than 2 sets of air breathing apparatus and fire fighting equipment should be set up to prepare for emergency repair in case of biogas leakage.

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